Handbag Cannon

A recent issue of Time Magazine featured an x-ray image from David Arky Photography alongside the article “Armed America” by staff writer Kate Pickert.

A discussion on the rising prevalence of concealed-carry practice, the article highlights the high percentage of women who are responding to this nation-wide trend.

 Accommodating these women are several companies that have become known for their functional yet fashionable handbags.  Here we see an x-ray of a large pink tote that reveals a special hidden pouch containing a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver: 

Visible within the metal chamber, the gun’s heavy bullets are a sharp contrast to the girlish pastels and makeup scattered across the bottom of the handbag. The bag and gun were both photographed by David with a special camera that captures non-medical x-ray imaging. Apart from the varied opinions towards concealed-carry, the image is visually compelling and illustrates the thriving market that this movement has created.