Conserve and Protect

David Arky Photography recently teamed up with Pentagram graphic designer Carla Delgado and the World Wildlife Fund on their campaign towards preserving the Siberian tiger population in the pine forests of southeast Russia.

In the article “Forests, Pine nuts and Tigers” from World Wildlife Magazine’s Fall 2014 issue, Cheryl Lyn Dybas explicates the correlation between the rapid decrease of wild Siberian tigers and the on-going deforestation of Korean pine trees.

The situation is precarious as these trees provide a necessary shelter to the animals and the nuts are a food source for the tigers’ targets of prey. To personify this symbiotic relationship prop stylist Kellie Murphy used light and dark pine nuts to form the shape of a pouncing tiger, which David photographed in-progress.

This sketch served as a template for the tiger's construction:

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to help spread awareness to this cause and appreciate the warm response we received from World Wildlife Magazine’s managing editor Sarah Forrest with a copy of the Fall 2014 edition.

Read the full article “Forests, Pine nuts and Tigers” on line at


In With the New

In a recent edition of ESPN Magazine, the article “No Matter What Color You Bleed” by Pulitzer Prize winning sports writer Rick Bragg discusses the new College Football Playoff selection system.

We created a photographic illustration for the article that shows the new sharply-designed championship trophy smashing through the Waterford crystal football that topped the former one. 

Slender and statuesque, the two-toned trophy features a gleaming silver football framed by tall plates of yellow gold. Check out for the article and image.


Handbag Cannon

A recent issue of Time Magazine featured an x-ray image from David Arky Photography alongside the article “Armed America” by staff writer Kate Pickert.

A discussion on the rising prevalence of concealed-carry practice, the article highlights the high percentage of women who are responding to this nation-wide trend.

 Accommodating these women are several companies that have become known for their functional yet fashionable handbags.  Here we see an x-ray of a large pink tote that reveals a special hidden pouch containing a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver: 

Visible within the metal chamber, the gun’s heavy bullets are a sharp contrast to the girlish pastels and makeup scattered across the bottom of the handbag. The bag and gun were both photographed by David with a special camera that captures non-medical x-ray imaging. Apart from the varied opinions towards concealed-carry, the image is visually compelling and illustrates the thriving market that this movement has created. 

Still Life Desire

This year’s advertisements for the annual Photo District News (PDN) “Objects of Desire” contest feature an x-ray image from David Arky Photography. The tear sheet below is taken from the July 2014 issue of PDN:

Against a white backdrop, the look of the sculpted mannequin and tight, structured corset is softened by over-laps of translucent blue.

This futuristic bicycle was David’s 2012 submission for the contest:

The photo made it to the final round and was displayed in that year’s Winner’s Gallery under the Food and Still Life category.

Information about the contest including prizes, judges, categories and entry fees can be found at The contest deadline has been extended from July 16th to August 4th, so there’s still plenty time to send in your own submissions!


# Regret

It’s no secret that social media has grown from a neat way to stay in touch with friends to the driving force behind web presence. Though it has proven very useful for businesses, (such as photography studios) social media can severely backfire when used without caution.

The Boston Globe Magazine’s recent cover story 6 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life warns against social media carelessness through several examples of recent mishaps, and effective visuals by David Arky. The process of creating these images began with conceptual sketches as seen below:

From pencil to print, these sketches became the colorful cover and article photos:

For the full article, visit The Boston Globe online.


Good Groceries

In this month’s issue of Men’s Fitness, the magazine bestows its 2014 Food Awards on several products that provide healthy choices for the male physique. Proving that nutrition can be delicious, the article’s mouth-watering visuals were produced by David Arky Photography. The tearsheets below give a view of the images in context:

With color-rich texture, the images of a bag of Laughing Cow Babybel Cheese, San-J Szechuan sauce, Dreyer’s fruit and veggie ice-pops and a Cholula-drizzled egg seem to leap off the page and stir up an appetite for nutritious foods.