Making Connections, in the Brain and Behind the Camera

There are at least 100 trillion neural connections in the human brain. Photography can’t capture that. What it can capture is the sense of discovery researchers feel in shedding new light on those connections. Which is precisely what we were asked to convey for Case Western Reserve University’s Think Magazine.

Think Magazine Cover Brain showing x-rayed objects inside

To suggest the brain’s inner workings, we had to make some connections of our own, taking shots of silhouetted figures (what you see with the naked eye) and superimposing x-ray photography to show their inner complexity (what you can’t see). Beyond creating the concept, aligning the x-ray images with the forms that would contain them was an additional challenge, as was eliminating features of the x-rays that didn’t add to the story, like extra backpack compartments. Ultimately, the work itself was a great example of brainpower.

Think BackpackPackpack showing x-rayed objects inside
Think handsx-rays of hands with glowing wires inside