Capturing the sun within: a winter shoot for Dr. Oz

It was a feature all about how we feel, so it called for photography that spoke vividly to the senses. When The Good Life magazine came to us to illustrate their December 2016 article on combating the “winter blues,” they were looking for a way to uplift with images. To find it, we worked closely with the magazine’s art director on an idea to marry the winter elements with iconic warm weather images, those that suggested energy and positivity.

The result? Images of snowflakes and ice crystals (the perfect signs of winter, but no breeze to shoot) covering colorful objects that innately said “sunshine:” a luscious peach on the tree, a brightly swirling pinwheel, a sunflower in full bloom. In each shot, the warmth within is clearly visible through the cold, capturing the energy and essence of the story it illustrated.