A Leading Light

Professional photographers and photography students recognize ICP as the International Center for Photography, a renowned institution dedicated to the education, research and exhibition of photographic arts.

Since 2001, David has welcomed ICP students into the studio as part of an immersive course entitled The Fundamentals of Studio Lighting. The ten-session course offers a rich curriculum that showcases photographic lighting as its own vibrant entity. Each class tackles a range of meditative topics relating to the history and application of this essential component of the photographic arts. Taking a holistic approach, the course engages the students in the subject matter on a deeper level than pure technical instruction.

The course commences with a brief insight into the history of lighting and discussion on the transition from available to controlled sources. By discussing lighting techniques through a historical scope, students are able to gain a more robust understanding of the medium while tracing its evolution. Class assignments encourage students to produce works that capture their personal sense of creativity and passion. The students learn to regard every environment as a studio with unique attributes for photographic capture.

For David, one of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching has been the ability to interact with an inspiring range of individuals from different spheres and disciplines. Over the years, the class enrollment has included students with varying levels of experience and often diverse occupations. From full-time students, to working photographers, creative directors, and even doctors and lawyers, the interesting mix of personalities and skill sets has helped shape the course’s goals and aspirations. 

 During a recent class session, ICP photographer Ben Jarosch visited David Arky Photography to take shots of students in the immersive environment of the studio. Below are several images from that shoot: