The Bionic Professor

David has collaborated with Smithsonian Magazine on several projects, the latest being an item on bionic limbs.

Giant Steps” by Matthew Shaer, appears in the November 2014 issue of the magazine and features a series of photo illustrations created by David. The article centers mainly on the life of Hugh Herr, an award-winning MIT academic whose work in biomedical devices has greatly accelerated the field of biomechatronic technology. 

 An amputee since the age of 17, Herr’s disability came as the result of severe frostbite sustained during a mountain climbing expedition. Decades later, he has developed a computerized ankle-foot system called the BiOM, which allows for more natural forward propulsion than any other prosthetic limb. 

 Herr’s personal BiOM units were x-rayed by David for this editorial, as well as Herr himself: 

The color-blocked composition suits both man and machine. The deep blue of Herr’s blazer is razor-sharp against the turquoise backdrop and complements the ghostly x-ray of his BiOM legs. A fiberglass crag joins this top-and-bottom contrast in alluding to Herr’s life, and the mountaineering hobby that has so affected his physiological appearance. 

 A simple side-view x-ray of one of the BiOM units allows readers to view the mechanisms that make this amazing technology function:

It was a privilege to photograph Herr and his invention, which is sure to go down in history for its ingenious contribution to prosthetic technology. For more in-depth information about the BiOM program and its charitable endeavors towards veteran amputees, read the full article at