Conserve and Protect

David Arky Photography recently teamed up with Pentagram graphic designer Carla Delgado and the World Wildlife Fund on their campaign towards preserving the Siberian tiger population in the pine forests of southeast Russia.

In the article “Forests, Pine nuts and Tigers” from World Wildlife Magazine’s Fall 2014 issue, Cheryl Lyn Dybas explicates the correlation between the rapid decrease of wild Siberian tigers and the on-going deforestation of Korean pine trees.

The situation is precarious as these trees provide a necessary shelter to the animals and the nuts are a food source for the tigers’ targets of prey. To personify this symbiotic relationship prop stylist Kellie Murphy used light and dark pine nuts to form the shape of a pouncing tiger, which David photographed in-progress.

This sketch served as a template for the tiger's construction:

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to help spread awareness to this cause and appreciate the warm response we received from World Wildlife Magazine’s managing editor Sarah Forrest with a copy of the Fall 2014 edition.

Read the full article “Forests, Pine nuts and Tigers” on line at